The Ascension of the Lord. Year C

I report to you today from Joe Beach, Krishnan, Mahabalipuram India.

I am attending a conference titled Cardijn Today –Inequality, Ecology and Diversity at Mahabalipuram Kanchipuram district, about 44kms south of Chennai. I have been invited by CCI International to make a presentation on behalf of the early chaplains to YCW. Our numbers are thin now and I am one of the few in the bottom of the barrel. I have the resolution of one question…Fr Henri was a Chaplain at the National Secretariat of the French JOC (YCW) in 1930. I must tell HQ. Ten nations are present representing seven movements inspired by Cardijn. Inspiring!

Today is the Feast of the Ascension. We won’t debate when or where it physically happened, but it seems quite clear that in the mind of Jesus, he had to return to the Father before the Holy Spirit would be sent. One presumes that that decision was for our good, perhaps to help us reflect upon the “little while until you will see me”. We always want to know the schedule, the time to attend, let alone the time to end so we can get on to the next item on the agenda, “it is not for you to know the times or dates” (a bit like this meeting).

It seems that the Holy Spirit has its own agenda and timing, even in 33 AD, and to make the point that the Apostles were left alone for some time. On reflection, maybe the great gift of Pope Benedict was not simply resigning, but announcing his decision and giving time for the world, and the Cardinal, to have “a little time”. It gave all time to allow the Spirit to work in all sorts of people to enable its candidate to be considered and elected: a process which seems to work in Teams.

Take a little time for yourselves this day.

We are experiencing WIFI difficulties here too…so pray.

Mons Frank

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