Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

The first Sunday of June, or for us southerners, of winter!

I saw this sign on a T-shirt during an enforced window shopping walk earlier today: “The day of birth brings the first breath of death. The day of death brings the first breath of life.”

Our readings this weekend have much to say about life and death and of its importance to those communities then and, by extension, for us today. Paul then complicates or forces us to admit another side of physical life and death. The world, or at least some of its leaders, has offered the viewpoint that countries like India, China or the Philippines (hope Faye and Kevin Sue and Adrian are missioning happily) have too many people. But look at the faces of the parents of the newly born in those lands and they tell a different story, a story that the unnamed widows in the Scripture today would share.

Life and its importance, relevance and purpose are severely questioned in most societies today. Teams tries to bring Paul’s discovery of “the way, truth and life” in Jesus’ name to our world, and our appreciation of that gift in Baptism.

Let us remember our Teams in Syria, as well as the Philippines, this weekend.

They have challenges above the ordinary.

Mons Frank

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