Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year A. 10 February 2017

It is hot and, thus, t-shirt weather. Walking past my lodging this week was a young lady proudly announcing in large letters “What I want, when I want it.”

It seemed an apt commentary upon the opening lines in today’s word from Paul

“We have a wisdom to offer those who have reached maturity: not a philosophy of our age.”

I was tempted to engage the person in a discussion but the threat of being accused of interfering with free speech, let alone other offences, forced me to continue on my path and share a word or two with you. One thought was ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they wear’.

The scholars suggest that his opening words are not about Paul, but describe the community that has been created because they have been blessed by God. How often we still hear people say “Thanks be to God for the faith. I could never have survived”, or words to that effect.  The community so established, has gifted wisdom from God communicated by the Holy Spirit and that is us too, even in this age.

The passage asks us to be open to the work of God who, in one sense, has been working constantly and, in giving us life, does not leave matters there:

God has prepared untold things for those who love him.

God has graciously given gifts of wisdom to those who are chosen.

God is constantly revealing himself to those who allow Him to speak.

This is an extremely testing passage emphasising the strength of the Christ-like community who understand their giftedness.

“We have a wisdom to offer”.

Let us bring that gift to this world of ours.


Mons Frank

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