Sixteenth Week in ordinary Time. 2016

I write with the Nice reports, the Turkey reports, the ‘not confirmed’ news out of the Philippines that 1500 criminals have disappeared since July 1, and the testimony of the 130 Tertiary Chaplains present at La Trobe University this past week from thirty countries discussing, amongst many topics,   ‘formation or radicalisation’. What a week for our wounded world.

And after a series of difficult encounters, Jesus finally is offered hospitality…can’t help pondering that it’s not such a bad thought to begin the new week with!

He accepts. After all, that is what he has been teaching during the journey to Jerusalem.

The sisters (where was Lazarus?) represent the proper response to the Prophet ….provide food and listen to the word. Perhaps one can’t do this at the one time as an individual but as a couple, surely. Perhaps, too, it is one of those charisms that we practise in Teams and take different roles on different occasions.  “Happy are those who have kept the word with a generous heart…and yield a harvest through perseverance”. Hospitality: and not just the cuppa but the meal.

Too many of our powerbrokers, in different parts, seem to have lost the notion and the practice of hospitality. Let us continue to act and be alert, that in the meal context we, too, may discover that,  like Mary and Martha, “the mystery is Christ among you”.

Mons Frank

P.S. Kevin and Faye and Chris and John have left for the College meeting in a few days time being held in England.  Your prayers for a safe and profitable journey!


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