Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time  Year C   24 February 2019

The prophetic statement beginning with ‘Blessed’ or ‘Happy’ from last week, is added to this Sunday. Are we really called to love our enemies?

Well, that is what he said.

Do you think it was what he really meant?

The famed Mandela of our time said, in effect, that he always tried to befriend his enemies; and he had plenty to practise on. We all know someone who seems to have a positive word for everyone. Or, indeed, that character who turns up at the critical moment with a dish of food and breaks the “We don’t know what to do” atmosphere.

David’s action in not raising his hand against the Lord’s anointed was, in a sense, occasioned by his reading of an injunction of the Word of God; but then you and I are anointed by the waters of Baptism. That gives an increased motivation for following the teaching of Jesus.

It is tough at times for us…as well as our leaders.

In Australia, we will face some very difficult decisions in the lead up to our May election. Let us not create enemies by our actions, let alone demonise those who are with us or who wish to be with us. It is perhaps a good time to heed the opening words, “I say this to you who are listening.”

Listen carefully before you act.

Mons Frank

P.S. These reflections arose out of a desire to respond to a need expressed by a number of people in Teams. It has expanded over the years to members of the Cardijn Community International; others have joined, all are welcome.

This coming Monday is the 80th Birthday of Teams and this Sunday sees the formal commissioning of the First Four teams in Hamilton NZ. Please spare a prayer that this initiative of Teams Oceania will bear fruit and GROW!

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