Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year A. 19 February 2017

The man being interviewed on 774 ABC was a music teacher in a war-torn area of Africa. Yes, he knew of all the troubles: poverty, drugs, fighting, lack of respect, differences between faiths etc. “And you want to teach them music?” said the interviewer. “Yes, it’s the best way I know to teach them to love one another.”

Some are surprised to be reminded of that injunction being found in the Old Testament, let alone the book of Leviticus.  But it is there, and thousands of years after it was first spoken, and well before Jesus took that theme up and demonstrated the truth by his life.

There are still 66 conflicts which carry the title of war in our world today. Once again, the baptised people this weekend are asked to consider and to practise love of God, and love of neighbour.

In the little book ‘Tuesday’s with Morrie’, the story of the professor, who had to cope with being struck with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). He lost his mother at aged eight, battled growing up as a Russian Jewish immigrant in seedy parts of the Bronx and lost his faith… but during his illness found life and faith. He spoke of a similar tension to what was written by St Paul: “Life is a series of pull back and forth; you want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else.  Like a wrestling match”. “Who wins?” said his friend. “Love wins. Love always wins.” was the reply.

We ask this week that our appreciation of our being God’s Temple, and that the Spirit of God is living amongst us, will encourage us to, yet again, learn to love one another.


Mons Frank

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