Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

We are still on the way, like Jesus, to our Jerusalem moment.

We note that willing and all as Jesus is to teach, to help, to do and say, we find him at a certain location… alone and at prayer, in a sense, a lesson for us.

Again we face the questions: What is prayer? How do you pray? When should you pray? What do you pray about?

All very good questions that have been formulated by countless generations!

We ought to pray with the community formally, by being physically present or by joining in from our work place or sickbed or from the beach or from the snowfields. We simply make our desire known: I wish to join in. There are the missals, also the prayer books that make it possible.

But there is also the challenge to find a certain spot and be alone (and sometimes or often accompanied by our spouse) to spend time with the Lord.

Prayer is always a struggle. It is not impossible. It needs to be regular. We need encouragement but as I read just recently, “prayer can do things, and go places like nothing else can.”

You may find it useful to concentrate for a time every now and then.

May your Kingdom come

Give to us the bread we need

Forgive us our sins

Do not lead us into testing.

Plenty of material for a discussion as well as a prayer!

Mons Frank

  1. Keep in mind the needs of the College in England,  the Formation weekend in August and the planners for the National Meeting in 2017.

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