Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary time. Year A. 30 July 2017


It is fifty years since the death of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn the founder of the Y.C.W., who not only began a movement among the youth initially in Belgium and gave new insights to the role of people in our Church, but also opened a new chapter in the debate.

The source of the ‘power’, the ‘responsibility’, the ‘obligation’, the ‘duty’, and the ‘right’ for participation by the people, shifted under his gentle prodding from delegation by the Bishop to serious consideration of the gift of Baptism. The implications of this shift still reverberate today and the implementation of the shift varies. But the shift is on! Not all those who have heard have realised that the shift indeed is a “pearl of great price” nor have they realised that it is worth selling all that we have and purchasing it. Our man in Rome is on the path however, and it is worth keeping an eye on that space.

Solomon, on the other hand, found himself in a space that had been created by his father. In Solomon’s time, it needed to be administered, he did not have to begin. He did need “a heart to understand how to discern between good and evil”. It is indeed a great gift to know what is expected of myself and to be able to petition for that gift. We have been given the Holy Spirit to enable us to petition with greater assurance, but do we call upon that gift?

The many events around our nation and elsewhere this week and, in particular, the Cardijn Symposium in Melbourne this past Saturday, helped the participants, each striving to be a disciple of the kingdom, to recall that we have a storeroom and that good leaders should often open the doors of that storeroom and bring out things both new and old.

Open the door!

Mons Frank


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