Second Sunday of Lent. Year A.   12 March 2017

Remember that the readings for Lent are very deliberately chosen. Year A readings, in particular, are designed for the community about to be enriched by the blessing of new members, particularly those received by the path of the RCIA.  The journey to faith is enriched by recalling many of Jesus’ journeys into the desert. Up the mountain and into the Samaritan town.  Each to remind us that we are on a journey to Easter and the hope that by the time we get there, we will have the strength to finish what needs to be ended in our lives and have found the courage to begin what needs to be begun. Along the way, there will be moments of trial (desert, temptation) and moments of grace and enlightenment (Lord, it is wonderful for us to be here).

Then, back to the journey.

I remember the story of the American-Israeli violinist, Ithal Perlman, struck by polio as a child. A scooter gave him mobility and he played sitting in it. One concert evening, a string broke early in the performance. He continued, to the amazement of the audience, using the three remaining strings.  There was tumultuous applause at the end. Invited to say a word he stunned the audience by simply saying “Our job is to make music with what remains.”

It occurs to me that could be our task this Lent.

Our press has not been great, some of our leaders have not presented themselves adequately at the Royal Commission. Members of the Clergy and Religious have dishonoured their vows and many of our sisters and brothers are having a long holiday. On his way to death in Jerusalem (and many were plotting to do away with him), Jesus was let down, derided, abused and betrayed; but he continued and Resurrection came.

He still remains with us. Let us strive to make music with what remains knowing that he said he would be with us till the end of time.

Let’s make music; happy music, uplifting music, rich music, wonderful music, Good News music, music that in time will have people once again smiling and rejoicing with Resurrection joy.


Mons Frank

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