Second Sunday of Easter  Year B 8 April 2018

We are called to accept the truth that Jesus is the saving revelation of God.

From the very beginning, most people have had to make the journey of belief out of darkness without the physical presence of the Risen Lord. Some throughout history have met the risen Lord in various ways and at various times. Occasionally, like Mary of Magdala, one sees, but needs a word to really see.  Others like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus recognise him in an action. The appearance gives way to faith.  Others like the beloved disciple, truly reflecting on what he had heard and witnessed “on the road”, accepted the evidence of the empty tomb. And then there are those like Thomas. Stories alone are not enough! “Unless…” he robustly proclaims, and for a short time becomes the hero of the supposedly scientific community.

Where are we on this road? With whom does my story align? What made me proclaim “My Lord and my God?”

For Thomas, the pivotal moment is, even after years of faithful journeying and presumably reasonable attentive listening, the sight of the wounds of Christ bought forth the great acclamation of faith.

One ponders…what and where are the wounds today that will turn the modern Thomas’s to faith?

In one of his short letters, Peter suggests another way forward for the believer to adopt:

“If you are a speaker, speak in words that seem to come from God.”


“If you are a helper, help as though every action was done on God’s orders.”

Wherever we are on this amazing journey of faith, let us end the Easter Octave with a robust “My Lord and my God” and add a couple of Alleluias for good measure!


Mons Frank

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