Second Sunday of Easter. Year A. 23 April. 2017


The Easter octave ends today with many stories of what happened in those days after the resurrection. Or, some prefer, after Calvary. You may like to pick out your favourite. Often the first words chosen are, “My Lord and my God.” Others are attracted by “Receive the Holy Spirit.” I am sure that many in the war and destruction phase of 2017 would long to hear again from the Master, “Peace be with you.”

Pope Francis is on record in these days calling us to “Put your finger here, look, here are my hands. Give me your hand put it into my side.” He goes on to reflect that we are called to do just that today- to bring the joy and peace of the resurrection to our world.

The tough question, then, is where are the holes in the hand and in the side?

Some would see holes that are self-inflicted, and how do you tackle that? Others argue about holes that seem, and don’t seem, authentic; and whilst we argue, the best solution is touch. Just do it!

As in the early Church there are still people who need food, who need help. There are still people who need assurance that they are loved and respected. There are still people who wish to be welcomed in our community. There are still people yearning to say, “My Lord and my God.”

There are plenty of holes. This Easter let each of us find and touch one hole.


Mons Frank

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