Second Sunday in Ordinary Time   Year C  20 January 2019

‘Water into wine’!

Today, how many remember the story that gives us that word and the reality?

The Chapel in Cana is a reminder of the event of 2000 years ago and is visited often by couples preparing for marriage and members of movements like Teams, that seek to drink in some of the great mystery and gift of

“there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee”.

As we start our Ordinary Time journey, to answer the questions posed last week, we may like to ponder this reading as it reflects an awareness that there is to be an “hour” for Jesus, that in doing what his mother asked, he showed us that he was an obedient son, and by blessing the six stone jars containing up to 150 gallons of water, an aspect of his Messianic mission is given…abundance.

Today, society is able to celebrate Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries with increasing frequency. Such celebrations are not only positive for the couple involved but can, and should, be occasions of wonderful memories and signs for future accomplishment for couples starting their journey, in a world that seems to highlight failures and rarely reports on achievement.

Reading two this week reminds us that “there is a variety of gifts.” One great gift is the renewed blessing on marriage endorsed by Jesus’s actions at Cana. Not all was perfect in the society of Jesus’s time. The Gospel accounts, let alone the records of other writers, tell of the infidelities of the people of all ranks including Kings (ask John the Baptist), but people still got married and Cana was an occasion in which the Spirit, acting through Jesus, endorsed marriage as an ideal and a gift from God.

Celebrate your marriage this weekend…and maybe raise a glass as they did at Cana in Galilee.

Mons Frank

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