Second Sunday in Lent  Year C   17 March 2019

What a week in Oceania!

It began, dominated by the Cardinal, but overtaken by the murderous attack in New Zealand! A numbing effect on Wednesday, overwhelmed by the unbelievable massacre on Friday.

Paul speaks about the Saviour coming to “transfigure these wretched bodies of ours”. We sure need a dose of the Saviour’s wisdom and assistance at this moment. The same Saviour had seen and experienced huge horrors in his life time. He may not have been conscious of the massacre of the children. But he certainly knew about the beheading of John the Baptist. He was aware of the deaths of those killed in the collapse of the Tower. He witnessed the regular punishments dealt out by the occupying power. But whilst healing the sick and curing the lame he taught “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s…” He did answer Pilate’s questions.

In spite of all the madness in his time, he offered the way of the Beatitudes, spoke of the need to take up the cross and become living witnesses of the Gospel. He was, as Peter proclaimed, “the Messiah”. The Son of God did not need a tent. After all, he was much more than a simple man. The injunction from heaven should stir us all to action: “Listen to Him.”

So, the action of taking off to the mountain (our take, going on retreat) is still valid. We need to step aside every now and then to pray, to listen to his word, and be nourished by him.

Sunday worship is a start. But it needs supplementing.

Pray for all our wounded sisters and brothers this weekend.

Mons Frank

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