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QLD Teams Spirit News December 2013 Advent edition 3


Grandparents as “Spiritual Guides


One of your most important, and sacred, roles as a grandparent is the role of “spiritual guide,” A most powerful role that can have a profound impact on the moral path your grandchild will take, and his or her  relationship with nature and the many aspects of life. If you are a step-grand-parent or if you have adopted grandchildren, you can equally serve as a spiritual guide to the young ones in your life. Mary_Joachim_AnnaThe spiritual aspects of the grandparent-grandchild relationship reach far beyond the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of human experience. It is easier to describe the smiles, the good times, the joy, and the warmth, the sharing -the sense of life’s true meaning – in emotional, sentimental terms, in poetry or literature………read more in our Advent Newsletter for this important discussion topic.

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