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The following are publications which may interest Members as Study Topics for Teams Meetings:

The Oceania Super Region of Teams also publishes a range of brochures and booklets that are available from the literature couple – Sue & Bren Milsom +61 7 55224880 or

This document “Vocation and Mission at the dawn of the third millennium” is the work of the communal energy established in the Teams of Our Lady to respond to the exhortation of Pope Francis addressed to the universal Church “for a new chapter of evangelisation”. (Evangelii Gaudium 1).


This Oceania edition is not the original document given to the Teams of Our Lady by the International Responsible Team in Fatima in July 2018. To prepare it as a study topic the text was adapted for the Teams Movement in Oceania in April 2019. The text was prepared by Penny and Peter Cahalan and the discussion questions prepared and collated by Cath and Bob Dixon with contributions from Chris and John Dighton, Anne and Kevin Taylor, Sue and Adrian Fordham and Faye and Kevin Noonan.



Dear members and collaborators: The study topic that we present to the movement today has as its title the same motto as that of the XII International Meeting, “RECONCILIATION, SIGN OF LOVE”. This title echoes our experiences during the short but intense week during which we were able to live the grace and the profound meaning of our divine kinship, its gratuity and, above all, the immeasurable mercy of the Father.
This Parable of the Merciful Father and the Prodigal Son, on which the theme of our study is developed, is perhaps the most poignant of all the parables presented in the Gospels, and in particular that of Luke, the only Gospel which includes it.


The Mission of Love Study Topic for 2017/18

This study topic offered by the International Responsible Team in preparation for the XII International Gathering at Fatima 2018 is both a beginning and an end. It is important to understand this, because the road that the Movement has travelled since its foundation is not a set of separate stages, but a continuous journey and always leading towards an ever-deeper meeting with Christ and, consequently, with ourselves.


Family pastoral challenges in the New Evangelisation


bridgesnotwallsThe International Leading Team (ERI), well aware of the answer given to the Lord by the Super- Regional and Regional couples at the Rome 2015 International Gathering: “Here I am Lord, send me!”, is now proposing a new theme for 2016/17, based on the Bishops Synod about “The Family’s pastoral challenges in the new Evangelization”.
In this proposal you will constantly find the Gospel’s challenge, the Church’s teachings, and the frequent appeals of Pope Francis – listen, pray and do – as he spoke to us at the audience in Rome, stressing the couples’ missionary role and urging us to make the wealth entrusted to us by Teams of Our Lady produce fruit.
In accordance with our Movement’s international spirit, this study theme has been prepared by a Team from the Super-Region of Italy.


Here is the latest study topic from the ERI. It has been prepared by a Team from the Hispano-American Super-Region, aligned with the current Orientations of the Movement and responding to the invitation that Pope Francis addresses to the Church in Evangelii Gaudium. Excerpts of Teams documents and a range of other texts are included in each of the meetings. They have tried to make it less prescriptive and allow for a more personal response across various cultures and different ecclesial realities throughout the world.

It has been translated locally by our usual study topic translator. Joseph has done a mammoth job and we are extremely appreciative of his generous service. As in all translations some things are difficult to translate or the intended meaning unclear, so it is important to read it with this in mind.

Fr Caffarel Study Topic

This compilation; a study topic, a keynote address on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Teams Movement and a radio interview with Fr Caffarel has been made available to support the spirit of renewal within the Teams Movement here in Oceania.


It has been trialed by 7 Teams over the last 15 months, a recommended study topic for Team


This Study topic is from the USA it spans over 8 Meetings, a whole years work.


This study topic comes from the International Team it is prepared in a booklet form and prints out in size A5.


This study topic has been developed to support the Orientation for Teams 2006 – 2012; and was presented to all members of the Movement at the Lourdes Gathering of Teams in September 2006.

The topic that will enable members of Teams throughout the world to develop a greater understanding of what is meant by married spirituality and how we live it out.


The fundamental purpose of the proposed study topic is to focus our personal attention as couples and Teams on the necessity of growing in our experience of a God-Father who journeys at our side in this world.

The topic has been developed to cover eight meetings:

  • The first meeting looks at the vocation of married spirituality and the purpose of Teams.
  • Meetings Two and Three are devoted to the sacrament of marriage, exploring first the sacrament and then the living out of this sacrament in the real world.
  • The relevance of the methods of Teams are presented in Meetings Four and Five;
  • Meetings Six and Seven develop how we orient our lives in the love of God and progress in love for the future.
  • The final Meeting takes Jesus as our model and opens up some new thinking on our individual and couple path to holiness.

Each meeting contains five parts:

  • The first part is a presentation on the core content of that meeting.  This refers to the publications of the Teams conferences and to Church, scripture and spiritual writings.
  • The second part is a piece of Scripture for reflection before and during the team meeting.
  • Part three contains the questions for the team meeting
  • Parts four and five have recommended discussion points for our sit-down and for behavioural change which can lead us to a ‘Rule of Life’.


  • Study Topic in Preparation for the Lourdes Gathering in 2006

Who do you say I am?

Teams around the world are being asked to study this topic during the year leading up to the ‘Gathering in Lourdes’ in 2006. This request comes so that everyone in ‘teams’ is united in the preparation for the Lourdes gathering. The topic consists of an introduction and eight chapters. The topic has been recently revised for use in the Oceania Region. The chapters with links are:

Introduction –  Who do you say I am? – On the road to discovering Christ

First meeting – Search for meaning to One’s Life

Second meeting – Mankind wishes for peace and justice for the whole universe

Third meeting – The universal scope of faith

Fourth meeting – Individual vocation: ‘My name is written in Heaven’

Fifth meeting – The call to become a couple: awareness of the conjugal vocation

Sixth meeting – Our individual answer and our answer as a couple

Seventh meeting – Welcoming the other to welcome the Lord

Eighth meeting – Who do people say I am?- Ýou are the Christ, the Son of God

There are the following five additional articles associated with this study topic which might be of interest:

Who do People Say I am

But you, who do you say I am

You are the Christ

Christ Lord of History

John the Baptist;others, Elijah; others again, one of the Prophets

  • A Three Part Study Topic about Being a Christian Couple

Being a Christian Couple today – in the Church and in the World

A Study topic prepared by the International Leading Team and edited for Australia by Fred Bendeich.

“Basing ourselves more firmly on the Gospel,
Living our lives more authentically,
Feeling loved in order to love,
Forgiving more sincerely,
Committing ourselves further in spite of our weaknesses:
These are the paths we are called to tread together in Faith,
so that from this day onwards
we may become the salt and yeast
in to-morrow’s human dough.”

This study topic “Being a Christian Couple today – in the Church and in the World” comes in three parts, each representing a one-year study program.

Year 1: Being before doing…

Year 2: Reflection on the Couple

Year 3: Reflection on the Mission of the Christian Couple


  • Intercession by Fr Paul Marcovits o.p.

Intervention PDM L’intercession 50 ans EN

A very interesting discussion paper written on the 50th anniversary of Fr Caffarel’s call for volunteers.   Well worth using at a meeting particularly when members or Teams are thinking of retiring or stepping back.

  • A Teams Response to Bereavement

Bereavement Booklet Sept 2011 prepared by the TransAtlantic Super Region


  • Dom Timothy Radcliffe OP – The Good Samaritan – Brasilia 2012

1.     The Good Samaritan
2.     He saw him……
3.     He had compassion…….
4.     Take care of him. I will pay on my return…..
5.     Go and do likewise………….