Summary Report of National Catholic Lay Movements Meeting  – Evangelli Gaudium and its Challenge for the Australian Church.

Summary report by former ACT Regional Teams Couple Carol and John Laslett  who represented Teams at the National Catholic Lay Movements Meeting in Sydney in July.

The full report may be found at the following link:


Census Report April 2009 final w2003

Report on Communication – the challenge of e-media Dec 08

Meeting of the Regional and Super Regional Couples from the Eurasian Zone


Conference Reports & Proceedings

1. 2014 Oceania Conference,  Melbourne

2014 Oceania Teams Conference Planning Report

2014 Oceania Conference proceedings

Conference talks:

2. 2011 Oceania Conference,  Adelaide

“Passion with Patience – Marriage in 21st Century

3. Victorian State Conference 2001

  • Teams Victorian State Conference 2001, Report
  • Workshop Proceedings – Frank & Margaret Purcell – Marriage The Church and our Kids.

4. Victorian State Conference 2002

Address by Gerard and Marie-Christine de Roberty – International Team Responsible Couple
“The Challenges and Opportunities of the Internationality of the Teams of Our Lady”
5. Series of Talks from the International Team Meeting –  Melbourne, September 2002

Other Interesting Study Topics 

o “An Authentic Life” by Caroline Jones – ABC Books
o “Travels in Sacred Places” by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson – Harper Collins Religious
Story of a Journey by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

St Valentine’s Day/World Marriage Day Resources

A resource kit called the Evangelisation of St Valentines Day, a liturgy to celebrate marriage.

  1. About St Valentine Formation handout2012A4.pdf
  2. Celebrating St Valentine 2012 Slides.pdf
  3. Celebrating St Valentine Resource 2012.pdf