Pentecost Sunday   Year B 20 May 2018

“Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the cement of all societies” (John Dryden).

The current Royal Commission into the provision of financial services seems, at times, a little déjà vu. So many issues are arising bearing similar traits of the previous investigation.

Whether deliberate or not,

Whether careless or ignorant,

Whether following bad advice, legal and other,

Whether acting on age old precedent or being simply arrogant, the surface vibes indicate a great disregard for the truth and a high handedness that baffles the average Pub Test. Truth has run a distant second.

It would appear that the ultimate gift of Jesus before he offered his life for us was intended to provide the world with assistance to combat the evidence discovered in his living with us: that we humans have a certain waywardness with being truthful and in our handling of the truth.

His gift, “But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will lead you to the complete truth”, was important for them, at that moment. After all, within hours of this exchange, those memorable words of Pilate were uttered and still bounce around the halls of power, be they Parliament, Councils, Sporting Clubs, Police and Church. Ask the Chilean Bishops for their reflection on their briefing the Pope.

“Truth. What is truth?”

In these changing and, indeed, confusing times, the getting to the truth of the situations that confront us, demand a commitment to the truth. Thus, it is good to remember the gift that has been offered to us.

May this Pentecost embolden each one of us to strive to be women and men who value truth and seek always to practise truth.

Mons Frank.

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