Pentecost. 04-06-2017

Closed doors!     ( and maybe Minds. )

Fear …of he Jews.   ( perhaps rather. Those that had opposed Jesus.  )

First day of the week.   (What a day. , Mary had reported on her visit and experiences. …no body  no guards . Folded linen. A meeting with the ” Gardner” 

No wonder they were gathered behind closed doors! 

Then without knocking or opening the doors a voice proclaims.  “Peace be with you.”

Peace in the midst of all this turmoil.. Fair go!  Then the gesture that will remain with them and those not present. ” He showed them his hands and his side ” .Joy mixed with continuing confusion. So yet again   ” Peace be with you “ 

There are many hidden behind locked doors in 2017 . Not only  in Iraq near an Ice cream shop  nor all attending a State funeral in Melbourne this coming week. Some are loudly decrying Margaret Court and some have not yet made a move to gather the workers at Murray Goulburn . All these people need to hear the genuine words from the Lord  ” Peace be with you” .

In view of the events of those immediate past months  one might ponder what we would have expected from the Risen Lord if we had been in that room,and , what do we want to hear even today when we are in our room secure, we think ,because the doors are closed.

“Peace be with you”. How many of those who die prematurely are searching for Peace and Meaning in their lives?.

Bu there is always a Rub in dealing with the Risen Lord, let alone with the now arrived Spirit.

                 ” As the Father has sent me,

                    So am I sending you” 

We must be messengers of Peace to our troubled world

Try the greeting of Peace   ,      regularly. !

Mons. Frank 

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