Palm Sunday 2016

Palm Sunday 2016

Holy Week begins.

The gospels all relate the entrance into Jerusalem. Luke reminds us that having said these things, “Jesus went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.” If you have time, read in Luke the parable called by some “the Lucan Kingship Parable” (19:11-27). This parable, in effect, is about how to obtain and maintain a kingdom. It resonates with the power hungry today as it did in Jesus’ time, and it happens fast. Again, a little sign for all intended plotters…valid today as in bygone years.

Further, note the long verse (19:11) introducing the parable. Two elements are distracting both the teller and the listeners. One, they were getting close to Jerusalem, two, that’s where they expected the coming of the kingdom and when did they want it? We WANT IT NOW.

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