2011 Oceania Conference, Adelaide

“Passion with Patience: Marriage in the 21st


50th Anniversary of Teams in Oceania The Teams Oceania conference celebrated their 50th Anniversary inAustralia on the weekend of the 9th & 10th October in Adelaide. People came from all over Australia and New Zealand with 172 registrants attending.  The program and speakers (link to program)  were fantastic and the liturgy facilitated by Dr Carmel Pilcher rsj PhD and the liturgy committee wove the time together as a true gathering of Teams of Christian married couples, who renewed their wedding vows en masse during the final Eucharist concelebrated by Archbishop Leonard Faulkner (Adelaide), Mgr. John Swann (Kapunda)and Fr Andrew Fewings (Benalla).


It was a great privilege to have the first responsible couple of Teams inAustralia, Stephanie and Max Charlesworth, with us to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Teams which started inMelbournein 1961.  From those beginnings, we now have 1480 members inOceaniaand are in the process of renewal of the movement. A number of initiatives have been made and the following are highlighted:

  • Team’s HymnThis was commissioned by the Oceania Team to honour and celebrate the
    50thanniversary of Teams

Together With Christ In Love.mp3 4.3Mb
Together With Christ In Love – Lead Sheet
Together With Christ In Love – Lyrics
Together With Christ In Love – Piano


The whole conference was “woven together” as it were by the Liturgy which was done through the Gathering rite, the Morning Prayer and the Eucharist.

click here for an explanation to document “Liturgy briefing paper”.


Dr Richard Leonard SJ PhD

Well known journalist and Author of “Where the Hell is God?” spoke with great enthusiasm on “ Couples with Christ on a
mission in the 21st century”,
about our culture and the great work that the Catholic Church was doing

His message to all was that

  • We  need to know the culture within which we live and that we know very little about our own culture.
  • We  need to be courageous and authentic in our communication
  • We  need to be positive in our messages
  • We  have much to be proud of
  • We are all responsible in telling the good news
  • We need to be free and be true to ourselves in the process

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson DD

Spoke on Marriage a journey of discovery of the infinite within each other”.

He traced the teachings of Christ about marriage linking the radical change from the “possession of the wife by the husband as if she were property” with which he could do as he pleases to the restraint put on this attitude by Moses who required reason to be given, a case to be made for divorce to the notion of “adam” the Hebrew word signifying that men and women were made the same because the man could not “name her as the other animals because she was his equal”.  This was a new notion for many of us and deserves much further study of the paper in detail.



Peter and Penny Cahalan

Peter and Penny have been members of Teams for many years. Peter is an historian and Penny a teacher and theology graduate.  Penny
is currently the editor of the Equipes Notre Dame newsletter.


They spoke on “Revisiting Evangelising sexuality”, a study topic which was followed by
thousands of Teams couples worldwide in 1991-2.  They were involved in collating the written responses to the 8 topics
made by Australian couples. In this they reviewed their own work from that time bringing back to us the many mixed feelings that couples had about their own sexual relationships and their Christian beliefs. Within the culture at that
time there was little focus upon some of the views that Teams couples have at this time about the sacred nature of the sexual relationship, reflecting God’s goodness in our lives.

Associate Prof Michelle Simons 

Spoke about “Leadership for learning for marriage: how can Teams respond ?”

As Dean and leader in the Faculty of Education within the University of SA, Michelle spoke about servant leadership as a facilitatory model for change in the
culture of organisations.  The focus is upon the other rather than upon the leader and is collaborative, encouraging and relationship based.  It encourages
and empowers the other as well as the self.

It is clearly applicable to individual leaders as well as to organisations such as Teams.  It also clearly applies to leadership of the couple one to another and the couple in
leadership within the family also.  Servant leadership and the clear parallel to the servant/shepherd leadership of Jesus was noted.


Morning Prayer

This was led by Bren and Sue Milsom, the Regional Couple for Queensland, Northern NSW and New Zealand.  It focussed on the reading of the day and the endeavours of Teams

Morning prayer – 9 Oct 2


Anne Frawley-Mangan and Michael Mangan


Spoke about “Music, drama and marriage: a match made in heaven”

This wonderfully creative and energetic couple spoke about the journey of discovery of music and drama as a way of living and working with people throughout the Church, but particularly with schools and parishes. http://www.litmusproductions.com/


For the 50th anniversary Michael was commissioned by Teams Oceania to compose a hymn which expresses the focus of Teams upon couple
spirituality.  This is posted on above.  Anne and Michael gave an animated presentation where the intellectual and sensory process of worship was explored in song and drama.

Jan and Peter Ralton the Zone Liaison couple for the Eurasia Zone of Teams 

Spoke about “Teams International” in a wonderful PowerPoint presentation about the greater Teams Family comprising 123000
members in 70 countries.  They highlighted the massive expansion of Teams in Africa and the Americas and reflected on the role of Teams Oceania in their mission to Oceania and Asia.

A short presentation on Teams in the world today by ERI “International Representatives” Jan & peter Ralton.

Teams International Powerpoint presentation 18Mb


A further highlight was the focus upon the International gathering of Teams in Brasilia 21st to 26th July 2012.

Brasilia 2012


The concluding Eucharist


This was concelebrated by Archbishop Leonard Faulkner

Final Liturgy Booklet

“The Wedding Feast at Cana” – Homily Mons. J Swann.