O Jerusalem! O Parliament!

Second Sunday in Advent.         Year B.          10 December 2017

O Jerusalem!  O Parliament!

Decisive action in and about both places. Lives will change, and decisions will be questioned. Jerusalem has been on the agenda for 3000 years for the Mediterranean world and the great monotheistic faiths. Greatly ignored by the rest of the world for much of that time. If we survive for another 3000 years, I wonder what will be written about Thursday’s events in Canberra.

Against that we are called to “prepare a way for the Lord”.

The scholars tell us that Mark’s Gospel was not written to prove that Jesus was “the Son of God “nor simply to give us biographical information about Jesus. Rather, it was an attempt to engage the readers and listeners in the unfolding story of Jesus. Crucifixion did not kill the story, let alone the reality of who he was and, further, what He continues to do, if only we let Him act in our lives. We need to be caught up by His message, hence the call to “Prepare” and allow ourselves to be challenged to believe that the powers that seek to destroy His legacy will not prevail.

The call to “Prepare” is age old in our faith tradition. Down the ages, various props have arrived to assist – Advent wreaths, Advent calendars, cribs, Jesse Trees, even Christmas trees and carols. All have served us well, but in an age as I saw in Singapore recently, “Fresh Christmas trees, direct from the USA”, one ponders the continuing relevance of such symbols. We, of course, can make the symbol truly relevant by preparing.

In a sense we need to “Speak to the heart of Jerusalem” and be prepared to “Go up on a high mountain” and be a “joyful messenger to Jerusalem” and to announce once again ”  Here is your God.”

Make those symbols come alive this week.


Mons Frank


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