Meeting of the Regional and Super Regional Couples from the Eurasian Zone

Meeting of the Regional and Super Regional Couples from the Eurasian Zone

The Eurasian Team gathering before the audience with the Pope

Letter from the Pontifical Council for the Laity

Paris, 5 November 2002

Dear Team friends,

We are very happy to send you today a letter just received from the Pontifical Council for the Laity concerning the acknowledgement of the Teams of Our Lady and the definitive approval of its Statutes.

Please find attached a copy of the Decree with an accompanying letter.

Statutes definitive text will be sent as soon as possible, after the translations in every language.

We ask you to make these news known to all countries which you are responsible for and send out the text of the Decree in the various Letters, so that all team members get informed.

May this incentive received from our Church strengthen you all and each of you in your mission serving couples in the whole world.

Again, we send you our best friendly greetings, and in prayer union in Christ.

Gérard and Marie-Christine de ROBERTY

  • Report of the ERI & College Meeting – Melbourne, July, 2002

The ERI (the leading team) College Members representing Brazil, Columbia, USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and their incoming couple, Portugal and Oceania (that’s us). Also couples from Ireland, England and India representing some of the isolated regions (they do not attend every year). Along with the Spiritual Counsellor from the ERI there is also one from Columbia.

Bob Dixon from Teams in Melbourne presenting his talk to the meeting. The seated people are representing ERI (Italy), Brazil, Belgium, USA, England and the ERI (Ireland). The last couple, already mentioned, are Elaine and John Cogavin who have been visiting all the regions.

Catherine and Peter Bearsley presenting the traditional artefacts at the opening of the meeting. In the back ground are couples from Belgium, England, France, and half Ireland. In the foreground are the Columbian couple on the ERI and Mons Fleischmann also of the ERI.

The boat presented to the Raltons as representatives of the Australian Super Region by Maria Berta and Jose Moura Soares from Portugal. This was used in one of the liturgies. It bears the name of the Portuguese Super Region on one side and the Australian Super Region on the other.