The Baptism of the Lord   Year C  13 January 2019

The Church’s liturgical year slips into Ordinary Time this Sunday and in choosing Luke for the Gospel (in some sense it is no wonder) it is very clear that from now on we must be focused upon Jesus. John has departed to prison. We meet Jesus at prayer (a little sign to us all); we are reminded of his identity “You are my Son” and a gentle alert, “my favour rests on you.”

So, we better watch out, we better not fail, for the answer to the ‘feeling of expectancy’ has arrived.

In following Luke’s account, it might be useful to keep in mind the following questions (and brief answers) to help us understand what Jesus began to do and teach.

Who is Jesus?……He is God’s Son!

What sort of a Son is he?……An obedient Son!

What kind of a Messiah is he to be?……A prophetic Messiah!

These questions will be answered during the course of the year, and with those answers will come the challenges to each of us who are determined to hear his call. Don’t be afraid to seriously ask “How would my reaction fit in with the call to participate in the preparation for the Plenary Council” when you hear a slightly different call or see something in a new light. Remember, when reading the Scripture, it is not just any old book! It is the book of books which outlines the sins and sinners as well as the game changers and saints.

We are called to be game changers and saints for we, too, are beloved daughters and sons via our Baptism.

Welcome to the New Year.

Mons Frank

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