Fourth Sunday of Lent. Year A. 26 March 2017

“You were darkness once, but now you are light in the Lord.”

We have mentioned John’s use of dark and light. This fourth Sunday, and yet another scrutiny in the Liturgy, is Rejoicing Sunday and often rose coloured vestments are worn (where the celebrant is game). Light triumphs in the darkness!  Four weeks of purple is one week too much!  A little lesson there for all, but especially for the RCIA candidates.

As I write, five people have died in the past 30 hours on country roads in rural Victoria, a similar total to the aftermath of the attack on Westminster. The South Sudanese crisis grows, the human tide of refugees becomes a flood in Iraq and so it goes on…is there any light anywhere? One is tempted to raise the words of Jesus about the leaders of his country in his own day: “They were condemned as blind, thieves, robbers, strangers and hirelings who do not care for their sheep.”

Lesson one this week is that Jesus is a good shepherd, and later in John 10:14-18 he, in a sense, comes clean and proclaims himself as The Good Shepherd. So take heart, continue the journey and, like the blind man, come to the point when, like him, each of us can say “Lord, I believe”.

The story and the liturgy is realistic. We current believers and those coming on board our barque, must be prepared to face the hazards of the journey and the trials of discipleship.

Like the blind man, our journey will be doubted by friends. Some will be abandoned by parents, questioned, insulted and cast out by our civic and religious leaders. But the journey from darkness to light must continue and time after time we move from belief in Jesus as a good man, through an acceptance that he is Prophet; past the position of “Maybe he is from God” to “Lord, I Believe.”  Then comes true worship and light will enter our lives.

” I am the light of the world

Whoever follows me will have the Light of life.”


Mons Frank


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