Fourth Sunday of Easter. Year A. 6 May 2017


The news this week for our Diocesan Church (I hope they are alert) is that two of our rural areas have been served notice that their milk processing factories are to close in August with the loss of at least 130 jobs in Rochester; and 100 plus in Kiewa, and we are called to consider shepherd style leadership this Sunday!

Leadership is always a challenge …even Mr Trump has had to review his style when dealing with China and North Korea. All over the world, leaders are facing challenges. Their inherited platforms and protocols are no longer in tune with the people, not only in civil society, but also in Churches.

And we are caught up again with the Shepherd Sunday and the new shepherd just back from Cairo, having tried to “smell the sheep” be they young or old, Christian, Catholic and Coptic and various shades of Muslim.

A lesson in leadership!

How we can apply the teaching of Jesus to our homes, our workplaces, our businesses, let alone our Churches, is a recurring challenge. The true shepherd leads the flock by example. He knows the flock and they know him. There are far too many thieves at large today. We need more shepherds. Be one!

Mons Frank

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