Fourth Sunday of Advent. Year A

Good News!

I saw a picture this week of a Mass being celebrated in the damaged remains of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, two days after it was recaptured from Islamic State forces in the City of Qaraqosh. The Archbishop of Mosul joined the local Archbishop, Petros, to celebrate this new beginning. One Archbishop exiled from his Cathedral, the other returning to his semi wrecked building. Destruction and hatred against the Good News.

Paul reminds us today that the Good News is “about the Son of God, is about Jesus Christ” who came into this world as “the Word made Flesh” with no army, no bodyguard, no political ambitions, just Himself with ultimately a message of love.

Love God. Love your neighbour.

Joseph did not know what to do and down the ages there have been many Josephs who have experienced the same dilemma. Good News seems to provoke reactions…some a slight slap on the wrist and a knowing “tut tut”. Others have been in the realm of the Master’s Cross and we all share in that experience.

Today let us remember that Mary trusted in the Angel’s message and, together with Joseph, they placed their faith in their different experiences and together were able to acknowledge the gift of love that they, and the loving Father, were bringing into the world.

Despite the opposition, let us be prepared to be messengers of joy and proclaimers of Good News.


Mons Frank

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