Fourth Sunday of Advent    Year A    22 December 2019

“This news is about the Son of God.” So wrote Paul in addressing the Romans, a sprinkling of newly baptised Christians, presumably led by Peter forming the initial community in a city of perhaps 750 000 people who had never dreamed of what was being offered to them.

What news!

How ridiculous!

Almost as silly as his talk to the Athenians.

But…how true.

The message is the same today and we are now experiencing similar reactions.

It is rumoured that our public broadcaster is now obliged to use the word ‘festive’ rather than ‘Christmas’!

Pardon, but there is no reason to have a festive season when the temperature is above 40. It is not Australia Day nor is it a Grand Final; and for that matter there is no major horse race! We have inherited the fruit of a tradition handed on to us, that over the centuries has been celebrated as a holy day, and hence a day of celebration, and because of the beginnings with a baby, has become a day of family.

In the midst of all the challenges to inherited practises that marks our age (and indeed some merit challenges), some basic truths need to be remembered and honoured and respected.

So, in wishing you all God’s blessings in this sacred time, I do urge you to greet one another with the message of peace first uttered by the angel of the Lord…but then, add to the salutation, by wishing one another a very happy and holy Christmas season.

Mons Frank

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