Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time       Year B          28 January 2018

“His teaching made a deep impression on them…”

“Here is a teaching that is new”.

We are still in chapter one of Mark. The call has been issued; some have already responded. Now, time to proclaim the Good News.

Just what did Jesus proclaim on this occasion? Well it is not recorded. What we do know is that Jesus often preached at Capernaum; he stayed in the house of Peter and Andrew; he healed Peter’s mother-in- law; he cast out demons; but eventually both Matthew and Luke report that he cursed the town for its lack of response to his preaching about God’s Kingdom and his call to repentance!

The Pharisees soon became aware that their position in that society was being threatened for he “taught with authority” and they began to plot against him.

This preaching business can be very fickle!

Yet there was something very attractive about him and what he said.

Was it his demeanour?

Was it his Parables?

Was it his proclamation of liberation from oppression both from within and without?

We all want to be free from that which disorders our lives, yet when offered the possibility of a way to kick the habit, be it addictions or attachments, there seems to be a voice, very powerful, offering resistance. The world we think we know can seem more secure than the promised land.

It seems that the people of Capernaum faced the same difficulty as we do. Do I stay in the same house, not venturing out, bemoaning my fate but find it rather daunting to take the first step to liberation?

The possibility of freedom can be very frightening, but it is the way of the Kingdom.

Mons Frank.

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