Fourteenth Sunday in ordinary Time. 2016

We are still on the road, heading to Jerusalem with dangerous territory to be negotiated. Samaria, not so much foreign, certainly not Gentile country, but members of the family, outcasts. They did not agree with all the heads in Jerusalem.
This excerpt highlights teaching on acceptance and rejection, a lesson to be learned today by Australia as we vote.
Peace offered, peace rejected.
Hospitality offered.
Wipe off even the dust, all in the context of preaching the Good News about the kingdom…what a task!
Now remember who is being sent, the 70 or perhaps to make sure, the 72. Seventy reminds us of the 70 chosen and commissioned by Moses the great ancient Prophet and Leader. Here in our midst we have the new Moses, sharing the load, and choosing helpers who never got ordained.
I see today’s gospel, against today’s circumstances, being not only an appeal, but a commissioning of the baptised faithful, and a further affirmation of the role of the baptised.
For Teams it is not only about building up the numbers, but also recognition of his “outcasts!” How do we offer them peace, hospitality and invite them back to the table?
It will involve acceptance and rejection
It may also help us to join the mighty throng whose names are written in Heaven.
Mons Frank

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