First Sunday of Advent.  Year A

Welcome to the new Liturgical year!

Our focus now turns to the gift of Jesus Christ whom we know came in the flesh at the appointed time and will come again to gather the faithful into the kingdom that He established. Many denied his presence in the beginning as many deny his existence now…in one sense nothing has changed: the individual has to weigh up the evidence and then commit to the call. It is a daily task and the Liturgical year is designed to assist us, primarily on Sunday, but also daily.

The phrase “Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord” strikes me as being challenging this year.

There is so much negativity published now that we may think that the Ship of State and the Barque of Peter will fail. We have the joy of being part of the “Good News” and of the Promise: “I will be with you to the end of time.”

Sure, every now and then we need to “Wake up” and discern just where the Spirit is working and where it wishes us to use our talents. Being joyful in our faith creates hope!

Sometimes we need to be alert and “Stay Awake.” If we don’ t, then the enemy takes over. New bills or laws sneak into our lives. Proclaiming joy in the following of Jesus, again brings hope to our world.

As we start the new liturgical cycle, let each of us bring a happy face, a cheery smile and a wonderful greeting of joy and peace as we go up to the house of the Lord.


Mons Frank

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