First Sunday of Advent     Year A  1 December 2019

The saying, “once more into the breech dear friends, once more”, seems appropriate as we commence the new Liturgical Year, to ponder yet again, and with renewed enthusiasm, the gift of Emmanuel…God with us!

In the long history of Christianity, many breeches have needed filling. So, too, in our time. The great breech between people and God was filled on that first Christmas.

We have the shared experience of the subsequent 2000 years to call upon. Ever since, people have been trying to do what the gift of Jesus did…cover the territory, fill the breech between God and ourselves. With great success in some eras and some great failures in other times.

Our current experience suggests a number of breeches:

  • Care for the aged,
  • break down of trust for many institutions,
  • self-inflicted harm of body and soul,
  •  failures of so many leadership groups. You add your breeches.

The Liturgical Year provides a framework to travel the gift of the revelation of Jesus in an organised way. He is the great breech filler!

So, let us begin:

  • with listening, listening to Him with the ear of the heart
  • with love, bring passion to our striving
  • with imagination, dream a little about what I can do
  • grab the Scriptures, open them each day
  • amidst the bustle of the day take time to attend to your faith.
  • let’s bring a little light to the darkness
  • stand ready to meet the Living Word.

If, as the Scripture appeals, “we hammer the swords into ploughshares and the spears into sickles”, then we will usher in a time of peace and harmony, in homes, around workplaces, at sporting events. We will indeed no longer have to fill the breeches.

Welcome to Advent.

Mons Frank

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