Fifth Sunday of Lent. Year A. 2 April 2017


The Lord says this:

“I am now going to open your graves;”

“Unbind him, let him go free.”


In some way, this weekend is about freedom, the yearning for freedom that dominates so many headlines. The freedom caught up in the morass of “it’s my life. I can do what I want” (provided that the hospital will fix me up so I can exercise my freedom again). You all know of even better examples. Most versions of current freedom end up in graves!

This Sunday celebrates the third scrutiny, not only of those wishing to join the formal Eucharistic community, but also of our own selves and the communities that we belong to. Are we still in our graves or worse, is our community still buried in a deep grave?

It appears that the image and the hope that we would be set free was a powerful tool  for the chosen people. Some thought chariots and horses would save and liberate them. They were wrong then, as we who so hope today are similarly mistaken.

We hope our Catechumens will be set free of all that prevents them from obtaining true freedom. Just as Lazarus had to be set free from the trappings of death and thus enabled to go so too, the new aspirants will be allowed to approach the gifts of the Father.

The action of Jesus was not simply to raise Lazarus, but to set free Martha and Mary, good and faithful as they were, and to appeal to the apostles, to the people who had begun to believe, and to the Jews from high places, that Jesus was the Resurrection and the Life and indeed he was the Sent One of the Father. Belief in him is the source of true freedom.

It is still very demanding of us to accept that the Resurrection is the ultimate path to enjoy the true freedom of the daughters and sons of a loving God.

Keep trying.


Mons Frank

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