Fifth Sunday of Easter. Year C

There are pivotal moments in all our lives, and so to for Jesus. Today’s Gospel offers one.

Mission, let alone Vision statements bombard us even in most unlikely places: perhaps try to remember one unlikely statement and the unlikely place where you spotted it. Do you remember the sign that said “Illiterate?” and written underneath was “Write for free help” or the sign proclaiming “Always open” and then splashed across was the word “Closed.”

Today’s Gospel extract is in the context of the Last Supper. Judas has left, the morsel of bread has been offered, then comes the Mission Statement: “I give you a new commandment. Love one another as I have loved you.”

One can argue that the really great moments in our long history of Church are those when an individual or a group decided to accept those words and to live by the consequences, for there will be consequences!

Pope Francis in picking up those three Syrian Moslem refugee families from Lesbos, raised the bar for Leaders and put another tent peg in the global ground, far different from ordering another fleet of submarines!

Are we as Church, am I as a disciple, being called to not only look at this proclamation with new eyes but to find better ways of living the appeal of Jesus? Sure, we may be scared or frightened or even feel unworthy to attempt to live in such a manner. Remember the circumstances of the statement…washing of feet, breaking of bread, betrayal by Judas, boasting by Peter, let alone what followed in the next twenty hours!

This night the New Commandment and the example coalesce.

Let us have another go!

Mons Frank

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