Fifth Sunday of Easter.  Year A. 13 May 2017

‘No access to Hope Street!’

Sometimes the message is the meeting.

Whilst out walking and pondering, “Do not let your hearts be troubled!” And, consciously or not, having the current events disturbing our civic and ecclesial world, I bumped into the above notice and immediately said “Yes!”

We are in the Liturgical season of renewed hope. We are called to ponder the known truth that Jesus is risen.  He said he would be with us always…and is. Coming to grips with that overwhelming truth is difficult, for the troublesome South Sudan, the incomprehensible destruction in Syria, the madness in North Korea, the continuing milk crisis, let alone the looming challenge to have at least one Australian frozen food manufacturer of peas and beans…..and you ask us not to be troubled!

Mother’s Day presents another ‘trouble’ for some.  What in recent times was not, then became a nice idea, has been almost totally captured by commercial interests and even we, in church, attempting to add a blessing, can be caught in the bind of leaving out many women. Again, he tells us not to be worried!

Access to hope seems very limited.

The disciples were very worried and troubled at this point in the Gospel of John. There was talk of being left alone, of Jesus departing by death, of having feet washed and its meaning, and worst of all, someone was going to betray him. And then he tells us “Do not let your hearts be troubled.”

We are called to give access to hope. We are the chosen race, the royal priesthood that has the message of hope, for we know that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Like the Man of La Mancha, to bring hope to our world is our quest. It is not im possible; after all he promised that the deeds of his worshipping disciples would be greater deeds than even those of Jesus himself, but done as the result of being asked for in the name of the risen Jesus.


Mons Frank

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