Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time    Year C   10 February 2019

An initial work of the Prophetic Messiah.

Where do we go to find our leaders? What a shake up for another big end of town.  Would the bright tellers have been more understanding of the customers and not as interested in bonuses and profit?  Who knows? Finding good and faithful leaders is difficult for all ranks of society.

It would have been presumed that leadership would be found amongst the scribes and chief priests. But the prophetic side of Jesus went to the countryside and to a group of small business men. They knew their trade. They obviously were reasonable providers (I wonder what Peter’s wife thought when Jesus spoke to her husband and he took off, leaving her to catch the fish as well as do the dishes). So Peter responded, acknowledged the Prophet, and began the journey to “net” people.

We have another example, in Luke’s words, where the contrast is exposed: the seeming lack of human potential and the subsequent reality of Divine fulfilment. We recall Mary saying, “I know not man”. And Elizabeth receiving a message from the Angel about her barrenness and Gods fertility. Indeed, nothing is impossible to God!  (Let us be on the lookout for further examples of the reversal by God’s action to seemingly crazy objections by humans.)

So we are off and running! Some have thrown in their lot with Jesus. We know that they did not disappear from Capernaum full time. Winter would have been impossible. We do not know all that he taught them. We know some of their journeys were with Jesus and some were without him. We also know that Jesus saw something in Peter that gave him confidence; that in time Peter would ‘strengthen his followers’ as all supreme leaders of our faith are required to do. Like Peter, they have, on occasions, been called from unexpected backgrounds as you and I are similarly called.

For ourselves, do not try to escape by putting your head in the sand, hoping not to be called. That act might just incline the Lord to call…and ask us to go “netting”.

Mons Frank

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