Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B 4 February 2018

“…or the workman with no thought but his wages.”


Talking with a friend earlier this week, a rather successful small landscape gardener, I detected in his description of one of his employees who left him just before Christmas, something akin to the words of Job: he left for ‘a secure superannuation package’ with a local branch of the public service. He was a talented gardener, with prospects. I didn’t get the rest of the story, but it made me reflect on the wisdom of Cardijn and the teaching down the years of the efforts being made to help people come to an understanding of the dignity of work. The man may get his super, but what about job satisfaction, let alone a sense of being of service to the community?


There are several such social observations in the readings today. Some demonstrate that things don’t change. And others, like “he took her by the hand” and did so on the Sabbath was most unusual for that time, a man touching a woman! We will have some challenges in bringing Jesus approach to our times!

Job is in his testing time. His riches dispersed, and the words given him by the community representatives suggest he ought “curse God.” Paul has come to realise how blessed he is to announce the “Good News” and to do so freely. And whilst we do not know exactly what “devils” actually were in Capernaum, we recognise that there are many “devils” in 2018 that need to be cast out.


Like Him, we are called do it quietly, humbly and prayerfully, not seeking a reward.


Mons Frank

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