Fifth Sunday in Lent Year   Year C    7 April 2019

We have arrived at the Fifth Sunday in Lent. Time flies. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and Holy Week begins! Where are we at in responding to the injunction “to pray, to fast and to give alms”? And, what was the call that tossed out that injunction: “be merciful O Lord for we have sinned.”

One is tempted to suggest that the basic call of Lent is summarised in those words taken from the Liturgy for Ash Wednesday. The human race crying out for mercy and reconciliation. As a race, we need some sign of forgiveness and the hope of reconciliation for all the terrible deeds we do to one another. At times, the seeming evil overwhelms the abundance of good deeds being done every day of the week.

Today we build upon the examples of triumph over evil given us during the Lenten Sundays.

Triumph over the temptations we all experience in various ways…week one.

The call to listen for the voice of the Lord amidst the strident and shrill voices of ‘Me-isms’…week two.

Week three asked us to look deeply “do we need to repent”?

Week four…Are you one of the Sons, or perhaps ambitious to be a genuine loving Father?

This Sunday, have we rocks in our hands…always…or are we prepared to look the other in the eye and offer hope?

These are all steps on the way to Reconciliation.

May we remember the words prayed in the Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation II: “when we ourselves had turned away from you on account of our sins, you brought us back to be reconciled, O Lord.” Today’s episode is surely one of the great moments of our human history: “Has no one condemned you? No one, Sir.”

Mercy and forgiveness, and a new life without sin.

May our Lent 2019 be the opportunity to do just that. There is still time to be reconciled and journey with the Universal Church in Holy Week.

Put your best foot forward this day!

Mons Frank

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