Feast of the most Holy Trinity. Year C

Reporting from Yuda International Hotel Laibin, China; a city of millions and about 100 kms from Nanning, the capital of this area, with a population of 6 million.

It is Trinity Sunday with not a Church of any description to be seen and our Guide rather reluctant to find any, if they even exist.

The truth we celebrate today is considered the principle truth of our faith. It reveals a fundamental insight into our knowledge (very imperfect) and our understanding (somewhat lacking) of our God who, in our tradition, has sought fit to reveal the Godhead to us down the centuries: sometimes in dramatic ways (just ask Moses), and in other ages in the gentle breeze. And in our time, through sending Jesus His Son to redeem the whole human race. I am here in a land of 1.1 billion people, most of whom have not heard the story and the few who have are still being denied complete freedom of worship. Where do you start?

Being fanciful, a small way could be the Teams approach. The believers gathered in their homes say the Acts of the Apostles. Let us still so gather and perhaps this day we whisper these simple words: “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”.

Mons Frank

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