Feast of Christ the King Year C  24 November 2019

Royalty has not had a great week in our world.

The battle for relevance continues; for them and for many in high places. This last Sunday of the Liturgical year is now dedicated to celebrating Christ as our eternal King. The Second Vatican Council moved the 1925 feast to the last Sunday of the Liturgical year in an effort to remind us all of the last days and to encourage us to review our offering of the past year, with all its positives and negatives and say, “Lord, it’s me. I will do better in the coming year”.

In 1925 the then Pope attempted to ask the world, against the rise of Communism in Russia, Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy, to recognise that giving our lives to Christ our King and his values…was by far a better way to save the planet and live in harmony.

That position calling us to recognise our baptismal dignity, anointed as Priest, Prophet and King, has been developed by successive Popes and Francis is pushing the position even further in reminding the world in recent remarks and teaching, that Kingship bring responsibilities; Kings must accept responsibility for the positive care of their people and the earth they inhabit. People are not simply subjects. As thinking beings, we are all called to act as custodians of all creation, something Pope Francis has again referred to in the current chats with various groups in his current visit to Thailand.

So, thanks for your words over the past twelve months. Meditate if you can on the words, “Over whom am I, personally, King?” And hence, “Whom am I called to serve?”

Thanks for the year.

Mons Frank.

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