Feast of Christ the King. 26 November 2017

It’s that time again. The end and the beginning. The cycle of death and resurrection continues, as Paul says, “so all will be brought to life in Christ”.

It takes some doing and even after 2000 years of effort, not only do we need to begin…again, but we may even have to learn again the basic truths that we are committed to.

Pope Francis will be in one of his “peripheries” this coming week during the liturgical end and the beginning. It seems likely that both Myanmar and Bangladesh will not only receive messages of thanks, but possibility receive a word or two from this Sunday’s Gospel. The fact that the sheep and goats in Myanmar are brown in colour will not distort the message.

” I was hungry …

I was thirsty …

I was a stranger…



In prison.”

And you did something about it!

We will wait and see.

One response might be for each of us to ponder his message week by week in the light of the Sunday readings.

I might try to do that myself.


Mons Frank


P.S. Thanks for your words of encouragement over the past year. If you wish to continue, do nothing. Otherwise let me know.

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