Epiphany 2017

Paul uses the expression “knowledge of the mystery” in his words read to us today. It appears that this letter is written whilst he is locked up “in chains” and that he was writing to a community under some pressure, pressure that would build and build until the time of Constantine.

On the other hand, the wise men who came to King Herod were looking for the “infant King of the Jews”. In retrospect, not a wise question to that despot, Herod, who had a damning record in dealing with those, including his own family, who sought to oppose him.

Paul and Matthew are on about the same message but had different audiences.

How do you find Jesus?

What do you do when you find Jesus?

For Matthew, you pay homage, and offer gifts (and go home quickly by another route).

For Paul, your proclamation of “pagans now share the same inheritance” becomes the abiding demand, and so is born the mission given by Jesus to “go out to the whole world” etc.

For us, the call is still to pursue the task of ‘discovering Jesus’ even when we think we have done that. There is always another step, because He is the Son of God and we will always be seeking to discover more and more of him.

Yet again the New Year calls us to this task.


Mons Frank

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