Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

“One of the Pharisees invited Jesus to a meal.” Jesus went!

I am still away, about to leave Hong Kong, but I must share with you a little thought occasioned by two incidents arising out of being invited to a meal.

At one, the host, still searching for the Faith, supporting his wife and family by his active presence on Sundays, was lamenting to me that he had invited the Parish priest for two years to come home for a meal, and the invitation has not been taken up. Semi crashing another dinner, I found myself in the company of a couple from Adelaide who, whilst in Hong Kong for the first time, remembered that my good friend, Fr Jim, was stationed here.  He had celebrated their marriage some 40 years ago. So they invited him to dinner and eventually I turned up to have the obligatory drink. Both are reasonably committed to the Faith but the events of the past few years have taken their toll, particularly on the man, though he still reads.

So, in time, I suggested Teams.  They had never heard of that, or them.

David, you will remember, used his table to do an evil act on Uriah, to get at his wife. The prophet Nathan laid it on the line. Sure there was forgiveness, but David was never the same again. The Pharisee Simon had varying intentions in mind in extending an invitation to Jesus. He obviously did not anticipate the unexpected visitor, or again the forgiveness of the sinful life, and she was never the same again.

All around the table!

Let Teams continue to promote its core values, emphasise its commitment to the table and be open to the unexpected in that setting and may each of us go home never the same again.

Mons Frank

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