Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time                Year B           17 June 2018


Our world and Church is constantly examined by “them” according to some seemingly artificially constructed demand for constant and continued growth. We hear so much about the current GDP or the latest returns on investment as if there is an imperative to be constantly outdoing what we have already done. Who says so? Who demands? And on what authority?

Scripture to day puts another point of view.

I am reminded that two of the great movements in the Church in the past 100 years began like the beginning of our faith, with a small group chatting with the local ordained minister of the Gospel who was prepared to listen and then encourage people to grow according to what they saw and heard and discerned.

Cardijn began with a small group of young workers. Caffarel began with two married couples: out of the former came YCW, out of the latter came Teams, both defied the logic of the times but like the mustard seed, grew. The growth was not simply in numbers but in new knowledge about work and its dignity and marriage and its sacredness.

This agricultural year might just be another lesson on true growth. In another age the village would have understood the laws of growth… planting, waiting, moisture, heat, all outside our control. In our age when the most asked question to a dairy farmer recently interviewed was “how often do you have to milk a cow?” And when receiving the answer of the twice daily seven days a week routine, the look of horror and unbelief declared a loss of appreciation of the true laws of growth.

Our Faith is based upon the scripture laws of growth it cannot be subject to economic balance sheets but can be affected by such demands.

We are to be like the growing tree, already bearing fruit, not yet at our full potential but always open to further growth.

Keep listening for invitations from the sower.

Mons Frank

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