Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

This past week has been anything but ORDINARY time.

At home we experienced the awful revelations of the Darwin children in detention, followed up by more sad news of the children on Nauru. Then came the brutal murder of Fr Jacques Hamel a priest who worked for years in the YCW and continued having a deep involvement with workers. And when we felt it was safe to breathe again, the papers are full of more accusations against Cardinal Pell.

We really do need some form of antidote.

Sunday is not meant to be a simple pill popping exercise to gain health nor a simple chance to take a break and recharge the batteries. Ultimately it is a chance to engage with the Lord just as the “man in the crowd” out of nowhere asked Jesus to mediate in a family dispute.  Nothing is new.  But instead of getting a legalistic answer, he received a call to not let fear of possessions, gaining or losing, dominate his life. He was called to engage with life in a vastly different way.

So, I wonder how Jesus would respond to the situations mentioned above.

Bring to your thinking some of the truths contained in Jesus’s response, including the Parable

*avoid a legal solution

*do not let fear be the determining principle

*reject the notion that life consists in “having” possessions.

We believe that life is a gift outside the control of you and me. Life cannot be secured by possessions…read the newspapers every day. The man was rich because he had many crops, he was a fool because he thought they guaranteed and secured his life.

Laws and detention centres will fall. Children will be educated, but how? They have tried for 2000 years to expunge the memory of Jesus by murdering his people; truth will out even for Cardinals!

Possessions have a remarkable role in our lives .They are there to assist us on our path to the Father. Let them not get in the way.

Mons Frank



PS. If you get a chance to read anything by Massimo Faggioli, grab it with both hands… Marvellous insights to the forces at work in our Church in the past 100 years and the ways in which we humans have accepted, or rejected, the outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

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