Easter Sunday 1 April 2018

What a Lent, let alone a Holy Week!

We are meant to be in the world, but not of the world. We often, at this time in the Liturgical Cycle, look back with varying degrees of horror or surprise on the events recalled and remembered in the days leading up to the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Without trying too hard, and each of us can add to the list, it is hard to top a Lord Mayor being forced from office over workplace harassment, the thirty pieces of silver got a run in the activities of a number of politicians in Victoria’s Upper House. The wrangling over the Darling river and the disappearance of water reminded me of the washing of hands; the ongoing saga of the High Priest and Pilate being played out in a similar court; and just when we thought it could not get any worse, the betrayal of trust by the use of a small piece of sandpaper (originally tape , another lie ) ordered by HQ and carried out by the baby of the team!  It is better for one man to die for the people. And the week ended with a call on how forgiveness can be sought, offered, given and accepted. Almost looking for general absolution! The Lord God must have his hands in his face weeping again over Jerusalem!

Lent and Holy Week, their messages are still needed. Thank God it all leads up to Easter and its message of hope.

Is it not a clear message for us, for our people and our Church? Indeed, who will roll away the stone?

On the way to Easter, the first missionary, or as some call her, the first apostle, Mary Of Magdala, calls to all baptised to be active in looking for Jesus and to be willing to announce the Good News to the world. She was formed by being part of the band of women who attached themselves to Jesus. Perhaps it is time for a renewed effort to promote formation of the baptised even more strongly and to look carefully at the offerings made by YCS, YCW, Teams and similar movements and have these organisations active in all parishes. Sunday only will not do the job. As Paul says, “You must know how even a small amount of yeast is enough to leaven all the dough…”

We have lit the Easter candle, the Good News is recalled again and we take the blessed water to remember the mission given to us at our Baptism. Let us truly rejoice that Christ is risen and let us live his life in our world day by day.

Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed!

Blessed Easter.

Mons Frank

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