Christmas Day 2016

“Caesar Augustus issued a decree for a census.” One result was that Joseph packed his gear and took the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. A word from the then most powerful ruler in the becoming land we call Europe, interfered with the ancient powers of Syria Egypt and Persia and the Word became flesh in the town/city foretold by the Prophets….Bethlehem.

I read recently “human symbols are adequate vessels of the Good News about God.”

Our age often has trouble with the foibles of the human race. From race riots to wilful vandalism to shooting down passenger jets to rioting against a non-Muslim governor in Indonesia, to more evil acts of blatant murder and terrorism, let alone the alleged plans for parts of Melbourne for this Christmas Day.

Christmas Day in our culture still embodies aspects of being a sign of God’s plans for his beloved human race. We sing, and more in tune, to the carols. We exchange gifts. We greet people and we do share with those who are doing it hard. Sure, we could do better, and not only today. Not everyone rejoiced on what we call that first Christmas morning (or was it night)? That is not how our wise God seems to work.

Caesar Augustus had no idea of the ultimate effect of his word (maybe he only wished to increase his tax base). God, on the other hand, was sending a Word for all people of good will!

Oh, the Mysterious ways of the living God!

Ask that this Christmas we all may take another step in coming to meet Jesus, the Living Word of the Loving Father.

A happy and holy Christmas to all.


Mons Frank

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