Trinity Sunday Year B  27 May 2018

On one level, the Liturgy reminds us of the great revelation that we have pondered and acknowledged, week by week, since Christmas. Today we celebrate our new understanding of the nature of God, hidden from people from the beginning, but revealed in, and by, the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  So, we do affirm the Triune nature of our God exhibiting, in our human words, characteristics associated with Fatherhood, Sonship, and Spirit.

Ultimately it is about relationship.

Our human experience understands the gift of life brought by husband, received and nurtured by wife and their mutual Love gifts the family, community, and world with a new person. We can try to understand the Triune God in a similar way.

On another level, can we consider the Trinity to be a model for how we change the world? Could we all approach our task to make disciples (whatever that means) by bringing gifts to the table, not threats or demands? By creating that climate, we may see a response in love, not in fear? Then the result may be a completely new concept approved and embraced by all.

Human relationships, at the moment, are often tainted by threats, fears, jealously and a desire to have things my way. Thus, ends a proposed summit or tax cut or negotiations on a house loan.

All see the numerous break downs in relationships. We often make judgements as to why. Perhaps a revisit of the Trinity Model may encourage us to make a new start. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea. There were difficulties in the beginning, but the revealed Truth is still being proclaimed. Our God is relational and is love!

We are called to reflect that Truth.

Mons Frank

Vic East News

  • Vic-East is about to go through the discernment process for the next regional couple and hope to announce that by October 22nd.
  • Vic-East will host the next Oceania Team meeting at Phillip Island – October 13-15.
  • Bernie McKenna is now Treasurer for Vic Easts


Newsletter 7th edition – July 2017

Newsletter 7th edition – July 2017

  • Cover Story – Formation / Gathering Day Feb 2017
  • Discernment Process for next Vic-East Regional Couple
  • Teams history – Team 22 & Churchill
  • Gippsland Crossroads gathering with the Sale Diocese Bishop
  • Personal experience of praying the Magnificat
  • Notice of the next Married Spirituality function
  • Vale Carmel Brennan
  • Oceania Teams Conference – Brisbane 2017

Vic East Regional Newsletter – June 2015

  • Gathering Day – East Doncaster
  • 5 Year Plan progresss
  • Around the Teams
  • Intercessors – The Role of Intercessors in Teams
  • Q & A on Pope’s recent encyclical


Please break out  “The Role of Intercessors in Teams”


Father Caffarel prompted the concept of the Intercessors in 1960 when he said

“The spiritual nourishment of the Teams worries me. I believe that right now it needs an extra injection of prayer. This is be-cause, strength, life, ability to expand are fed by prayer, as much in the Movement as with individuals. So I make this urgent call to the volunteers… I am convinced that the movement needs it and that it will obtain great benefit from it.”

Intercessor are Teams couples who promise to pray for an hour once a month for the intentions of the movement, and for Teams couples everywhere. Currently there are 3,500 people, including couples, men, women, young people, families, priests and religious, who are part of the Intercessors throughout the world.

Intercessors receive a quarterly newsletter with topics for meditation and prayers and specific prayer requests. Team’s couples can submit prayer requests, to be passed on to the Intercessors.

If you are interested in being an Intercessor, please see link: