Vic East Regional Newsletter – June 2015

  • Gathering Day – East Doncaster
  • 5 Year Plan progresss
  • Around the Teams
  • Intercessors – The Role of Intercessors in Teams
  • Q & A on Pope’s recent encyclical


Please break out  “The Role of Intercessors in Teams”


Father Caffarel prompted the concept of the Intercessors in 1960 when he said

“The spiritual nourishment of the Teams worries me. I believe that right now it needs an extra injection of prayer. This is be-cause, strength, life, ability to expand are fed by prayer, as much in the Movement as with individuals. So I make this urgent call to the volunteers… I am convinced that the movement needs it and that it will obtain great benefit from it.”

Intercessor are Teams couples who promise to pray for an hour once a month for the intentions of the movement, and for Teams couples everywhere. Currently there are 3,500 people, including couples, men, women, young people, families, priests and religious, who are part of the Intercessors throughout the world.

Intercessors receive a quarterly newsletter with topics for meditation and prayers and specific prayer requests. Team’s couples can submit prayer requests, to be passed on to the Intercessors.

If you are interested in being an Intercessor, please see link:

Vic East Regional Newsletter 2nd Edition, November, 2014

In the second edition of the Vic-East Newsletter you will find:

  • Regional Round Up
  • Report on the Leadership Formation weekend
  • The Magnificat for Couples
  • 10  Secrets to Happiness—Pope Francis
  • Vale— John Robertson & Frank Nihill
  • Yarra Sector Crossroads gathering
  • Recipe of the month
  • reports from Teams around the region & other points of interest

Newsletter 2nd edition November 2014

St Mary’s Cathedral Lights of Christmas Projection Footage 2013

Film of the Nativity lights projection from St Mary’s Cathedral in 2013, from Hand drawn stain glass nativity play made for Lights of Christmas 2013, the final animation was projected onto Sydney’s biggest Cathedral. It ran from 7th to 25th of December. Starting each evening at 7:30pm and stayed on until midnight.

Company: Agb Events
Art Director: Giles Westley
Comping/Animation: Jamil Yamani
Sound: Nick Wishart
Job: Lights of Christmas

See more at: