Oceania Super – Regional Couple

Chris and John Dighton

Chris and John Dighton

Chris and John Dighton

Commenced their five-year term in January 2017

We have been members of the Teams Movement for many years and have been blessed to belong to a Team in Adelaide with five other supportive couples.  Together we have shared many life milestones and our Team has sustained us through tough times and celebrated with us many moments of joy.

We have had a few different roles in the Movement over the years and we come to this new role with lots to learn but also with some things to give.   What we can give is our absolute commitment to the importance and value of Teams in our communities, and how we can reach out to those couples who want to belong.

Our Movement, with a long history since 1939, has been open to couples worldwide to offer the hand of friendship to assist married couples to grow in their relationship and their community.  Sharing our story in a small group of couples who make a commitment to meet every month for a meal, listen to each other and support our faith journey is a truly enriching experience.

Spiritual Counsellor for the Oceania Super Region

Fr bob

Fr Bob Wilkinson: Spiritual Counsellor for Oceania Super-Region

Fr Bob Wilkinson is an Adelaide priest who has been a member of Teams for 50 years since the Movement began in South Australia.  Since he was ordained, his special commitment has been to Movements of the Laity.  As editor of the Catholic press, he introduced Vatican ll as it unfolded.  The first government of Papua New Guinea after independence invited him to work with them as a sociologist.  During this time, he also served as Oceania chaplain of the International Young Christian Students Movement. The Adelaide Diocese centred its renewal around parish neighbourhoods while Bob was part of the project team.  For the past 17 years, he has worked in parishes and continued with Teams and he says we are all still learning what it means to be church.




The Super-Regional Team 2016

Oceania Team April 2016

Back Left  to Front:  Tony and Anna Di Pietro (ACT & NSW), Mons Frank Marriott, Ron and Angela Waanders (VicEast), Kevin and Faye Noonan (Super Regional Couple), John and Fran Whelan (VicWest), Tim and Susie Jones (Qld. Northern NSW & NZ),  David and Marnie Watts (SA, WA & NT).

The Super-Regional Team 2013-2014

Oceania Team 2014


L-R Ron & Angela Waanders, Vic East; Cor & Barb DeRegt,  Qld ;Tony & Angela di Pietro , ACT-NSW;John & Chris Dighton, SA,WA,NT;John & Chris Haddrick, Vic West; Kevin & Faye Noonan, Oceania, Mons. Frank Marriott, Oceania Spiritual Counsellor.

The Super-Regional Team 2011-2012

Regional Team 2011-2012 –  Adelaide October 2012.

L-R Chris & John Dighton (SA), Cor & Barb De Regt (Qld), Vee & Rene Pols (Retiring) Bren & Sue Milsom (Retiring) Murray Cullinan (Vic East) Chris & John Haddrick (Vic West) Paula& Roy Scoon (NZ Sector) Faye & Kevin Noonan (Super-Region), Carol & John  Laslett (ACT/NSW)

Literature Couple

Sue & Bren Milsom

Address,  PO Box 339, Currumbin Waters, Queensland, 4223, Australia,  Phone: +61 7 55224880,  Fax + 61 7 55224128
We have been in Teams first in Canberra and now on the Gold Coast for twenty three years.  We have 6 children, aged from 29 to 43 and 9 grandchildren.  Sue has retired as a Primary Teacher after a career spanning forty years.

Bren is a pharmacist running his own consulting business working with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries.  Teams has brought us closer together, strengthened our marriage, modelled church to our children and given us many wonderful friends along the way.

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