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ERI Letter – Spring 2016 – A letter from Helena and Paul McCloskey, Zone Couple for Eurasia (including Oceania)

Helena and Paul McCloskey_ERI

Helena and Paul McCloskey_ERI

What a wonderful example of Christian faith we have in Pope Francis. He lives, as far as is possible, a
simple life in tune with the lives of ordinary people, and he communicates God’s message using
everyday language that everyone, Christian or not, can understand. In the three short years since he
was elected, he has visited Catholics across the world and stepped out in trust to all Christians and
peoples of other religions.  – Read more.



A letter from Fr Jacinto  (Spiritual Counsellor to International Team)

Pastoral letter – April 2016

My Very Dear Team Members,
We are right in the middle of celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy that Pope Francis very opportunely
suggested for the whole Church.
Read More.

A letter from Fr Jacinto (Spiritual Counsellor to International Team)

Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, ERI Team Spiritual Counsellor

Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, ERI Team Spiritual Counsellor


In my previous letters to you, the background theme over the years has been concentrated on two Endeavours touching on the spirituality of our movement. Namely, the Sit-Down and Married Prayer. Read more.









A Letter from the couple responsible for the Satellite Teams giving a summary of the progress on current projects


Edgardo & Clarita Bernal International Leading Team Couple Coordinators of the Satellite Teams


Dear Team members,

Firstly, we sincerely hope that in this year of 2016, the Lord and Mary, our Mother, fill your homes with blessings and bring us the peace that the world so needs. Every New Year is a time to make assessments as well as to set goals. Read more.







New Leading couple for ERI

To and Zé Moura Soares – Brasilia 2012

To and Zé Moura Soares, have responded to the call to be the incoming Leading Couple of the ERI.  They will commence their 6-year term after a commissioning ceremony in Brazilia.  To and Ze have dedicated their lives to the service of the Movement and for the past 6 years they have coordinated the Satellite Teams; appointed working groups who have produced study topics and some valuable resources for the Movement.

Letter to the Teams of the World – Roberto & Graca ROCHA – liaison couple for the Americas

Roberto et Graça ROCHA_ERI Leading Couple Ma.r 2013

Roberto et Graça ROCHA ERI Leading Couple 2013

Bearing Witness to Faith

Knowing Jesus Christ through faith is our joy;
Following him is a grace,
and passing on this treasure to others,
is a charge that the Lord,
by calling and choosing us, entrusted to us.

Letter to the Teams of the World

Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, ERI Team Spiritual Counsellor

Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, ERI Team Spiritual Counsellor

Letter to ERI Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, scj nov2013_ENG

ERI Letter Letter to the ERI – Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias, SCJ,Mar 2014 ANG

Letter to the Teams of the World – Fr Jose Jacinto Ferreira de Farius scj

“Perfect love demands sacrifice and self-denial because in truth we must in a certain way contradict our inclination for routine and comfort.”

Letter to the Teams of the World 2013

“Placing God at the Centre of our Lives”

Helena and Paul McCluskey – Eurasia Zone Liaison Couple

Paul and Helena Aug 2013


ERI letter Helena & Paul McCloskey, 1st March 2014 AN

“Just come to one meeting, to see if you like it.” This was a regular invitation to us when we moved parishes some 18 years ago. The couple in question did not give up but kept on asking us after every Sunday Mass. But why would we want to join Teams? We had managed perfectly happily for over 15 years of marriage and didn’t see the point. However, we had to stop this couple pestering us. So we decided to go to a meeting and then say we didn’t feel it was for us. As a result of that decision, we find ourselves on the international leading team; something we could not possibly have imagined all those years ago. Our official title is Eurasia Zone Liaison Couple and we have two distinct functions. The first, with the rest of the leading team, is to discern the signs of the times and plan a path for the Movement over the six years of our responsibility. The second is to support existing teams in the countries of our zone (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malawi, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland and Great Britain) and to spread the good news of Teams into other areas; in particular to Asia). To us, all this seems a daunting task but we have confidence in the Lord and we rely on the support and prayers of other teams members.

We are an ordinary Teams couple just like the rest of you and experience the usual ups and downs of married life. Our family consists of two married daughters, two grandchildren and our “third daughter”, a niece whose parents were divorced some years ago and whose mother died aged 49 years. We live in Cheltenham in the SW of England where, apart from our Teams life, we are also heavily involved in local politics.  Our team consists of four couples, two of whom are retired, one has grown- up children and the other has children still at school. For some time we have been without a spiritual counsellor but a local priest came to our meeting last month and we pray that he will join us on our journey of faith together. We thank God for the opportunity of joining the Teams movement and although we still struggle to be faithful to the endeavours we always come back from our team meetings with renewed enthusiasm.

One of our first official duties is to write the ERI letter due out on 1st April 2014. This is the 3rd in a four-part series based on Pope Francis’ first encyclical, Lumen Fidei (the one mainly written by Pope Benedict.) We view our new responsibility with excitement and some trepidation. Our first long haul overseas trip will be to attend the Oceania gathering in April. We look forward to meeting you all and learning about how Teams are developing “down under”. Please keep us in your prayers.


Letter from the International Couple Coordinating the Satellite Teams

ERI Letter from Satellite Teams Corodinators Dec, 2013